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Product Maintenance FAQs


What do I do if the suction is not working? 如果抽吸不起作用,我该怎么办?

How do I know if my RAYCOP allergen vacuum is really working?我怎么知道我的Raycop是否真的有效?

Do I need to remove fabric covers to get optimal results? 使用時被袋和床單是否除去?

What do i do if my RAYCOP isn't operating? 如果我的RAYCOP不运行,我该怎么办?

Why does the suction feel weak? 使用Raycop感覺吸力較弱

What do i do if the suction decreases and my RAYCOP makes abnormal noises? 如果吸力下降,我的RAYCOP产生异常噪音,我该怎么办?

What if the UV lamp turns off while the RAYCOP is running? 紫外綫燈管不亮,这是什麽原因?

What does my RAYCOP makes abnormal noises as if a bead is rolling around the UV lamp? RAYCOP产生异常噪声,就像珠子在UV灯周围滚动一样?

What is the powdery dirt that accumulates on the dust box filter? 標準過濾網中堆積的粉末狀垃圾是什麽垃圾?

Is it normal for the brush to stop rotating temporarily? 刷子暂时停止旋转是否正常?

Is it normal for the area around the UV lamp to discolor over time? 紫外綫燈光周圍出現變色,这是什麽原因?

Is that normal to detect certain odors emanating from my RAYCOP allergen vacuum? 為什麽會出現異味?

What can Raycop use to purify? Raycop 能用來淨化什麽物件?

Pay attention to those matters when using it? 使用時要注意那些事項?

What is the reason the powerful tapping seems to have weakened? 強力拍打的力度好像有所變弱,這是什麽原因?

What is the reason if the power cannot be turned on and cannot be operated ? 電源無法接通,不能運作,是什麽原因?

Spare Parts Maintenance

How long is the replacement period of parts?零件的更換期限有多久?

How to deal with the accumulation of garbage in the dust box? 如何處理集塵盒中堆積的垃圾?