What is an allergen vacuum?


An allergen vacuum is “preventive care” for the most prolific indoor airborne allergies: like dust mites, pollen, pet dander and mold. Certain bacteria can aggravate an allergy and make it difficult to breathe even in a relatively clean home. Allergen vacuums are specifically meant for these soft surfaces like beds, sofas, and hard to wash cushions. Allergen vacuums have high quality exhaust filters. Allergen vacuums are engineered to remove more than one source of allergen by using UVC light, double filtration, and cyclonic separation. Most bag vacuums rely on the paper or cloth to filter, so most allergen vacuums are bagless.

An allergen vacuum being used on a sofa

           Useful for soft hard-to-wash surfaces.

An allergen is any substance that causes an allergic reaction. Some allergens are food based like shellfish or eggs. Other allergens are airborne and cannot be easily avoided, such as pollen or dust allergies. In the case of airborne allergies a vacuum helps alleviate symptoms.

Our product line at RAYCOP is designed to prevent allergies. To learn more about the different kinds of allergen vacuums that could benefit your cleaning routine, compare our models or find us on social media. 

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