A Doctor’s Work Starts by Listening to Patients

"As a physician, I often heard concerns about allergies and asthma symptoms caused primarily by irritants in dust, dirt and pollen. These are usually unseen by the naked eye, but nevertheless exist all around your living space. After listening to the needs of my patients, I realized that I could prevent the problem by developing an allergen vacuum called RAYCOP to help sanitize the surfaces of where we sleep and live."

Based on scientific research, this new cleaning technique was designed to apply UV rays to sterilize and clean fabric surfaces in your home such as bedding and upholstery.  Through continuous research and development, we have been able to develop a very unique and effective product to effectively trap and help eliminate dust mites, pollen and dirt.

Dr. Michael Lee, Founder and President of RAYCOP



All under one roof: Research & Development, Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales and Support.  

RAYCOP is the pioneer and market leader in Ultra-Violet Light Allergen Vacuums. We design, test, and manufacturer our products with the highest quality standards. There are other similar products in the market, however they do not go through the rigorous research, testing and manufacturing process of every RAYCOP allergen vacuum.

Due to our end-to-end monitoring of the entire process from research and manufacturing to distribution, sales and support, you can be assured that your RAYCOP Allergen Vacuum will deliver the quality and services you deserve.


RAYCOP’s Company Facts 

Dr. Michael Lee created RAYCOP with the vision to help people lead healthier lives by improving their quality of life, helping people breathe and sleep easier. Since 2005, many customers in Japan and other parts of the world have attested to the fact that using RAYCOP products have helped to create a cleaner environment in their home and improved their overall quality of life.

  • Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. RAYCOP has more than 500 employees
  • #1 home allergen vacuum in Japan with dominant market share and over 4 million combined units sold

RAYCOP products are currently sold in many countries around the world and is widely recognized as the premium brand and pioneer of allergen cleaning devices. 

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